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When you've been in the creative world for a while, you meet a lot of folks with different skills. I can tap into my network of pros to help you accomplish all sorts of things.

Full Projects

I'll put a  team together with my network of experts to get your job done. Print, video, etc.

Performance Enhancement

Recharge your creative batteries with coaching, guided meditation or hypnosis. I can help, or refer you.


Narration and voice talent for videos, eLearning, TV and Radio Ads--recorded  in a pro studio.

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Resumé Services

Hitting the job market? Let's  get your resume and cover letter in top shape.


Let's assemble a group of subject experts, writers and designers, and create something, like a new brand, campaign or product.


I can set you up a workable website quickly—or assemble a team to help you build something more sophisticated.

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