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Cory Hance

Copywriter & creative kick-starter


I'm a seasoned, versatile copy-side creative professional. I don't just write copy. I help solve business communication problems and help companies and brands tell their stories.

Where have I worked?

Big ad agencies. Small ad agencies. Marketing departments. Production companies. B2C. B2B.

For what industries?

Automotive & Transportation. Industrial Packaging. Hospitality. Pharma/Healthcare. Fitness. Beer, Liquor & Spirits. Finance. Retail. Mobile technology. Consumer goods. Food & beverage.

What can I help you create?

Digital campaigns. Print campaigns. Social media campaigns. Email campaigns. Internal communications. Website content. Product copy. Advertorial copy. eLearning modules. Brochures. Signage. Blogs. Radio & TV ads. Trade show themes. Videos. Product naming. New brand creation. 

Want to see my resumé?

Go right ahead.

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