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Miller Brewing

When you're advertising beer, you can have fun, but not too much fun! (The lawyers are always watching...) But I did get to do a lot of fun stuff for Miller Brewing at Digitas.


Miller Lite “Beer Time” iPhone app

Concepted and dictated design for the “Beer Time” iPhone app, which helps bar goers order drinks in loud situations by using their phone as a flashy sign.

Miller Lite Next Round iPhone app

Concepted and dictated design for “Next Round,” a spinner game app that helps friends determine who’s getting the next round of beers.

Check out both apps in this demo video:

MGD 64 Pedometer iPhone app

Helped create concept and user experience for an iPhone app for MGD 64 that combines a handy pedometer and calorie counter with fun fitness “challenges” users can participate in with other users via Facebook.

Read more about the MGD 64 Pedometer app here.

Brand Launches

SPARKS campaign

Helping a major brewer launch a young, exciting brand online

Co-created brand platform, website design, online advertising, in-store display materials and event-marketing concepts for SPARKS, a flavored malt beverage by MillerCoors. Did sound design and recording for website interface.

Digital Ad Campaigns

MGD 64 animated online ads

Making a new brand’s ad campaign work in the online space

Concepted, storyboarded, and guided the development of a variety of online ads for the product launch of MGD 64.

Music Promotions

MGD “The Craft” musical promotion

Interviewing legendary artists for a major brand’s music promotion program

Integral member of the team executing Miller Genuine Draft’s “The Craft” musical promotion online. Concepted experience and content. Wrote scripts for multimedia online content. Recommended and created content and features for The Craft’s partnerships with online destinations like Yahoo! Music and MySpace. Co-designed rich-media online advertising for The Craft incorporating interview video featuring rapper KRS-One. Wrote scripts/discussion guides for KRS-One video shoot. Edited video footage for use in online ads.

Website Redesign

Miller Genuine Draft site redesign

Giving an established beer brand a face-lift

Co-developed the new web interface for Miller Genuine Draft’s website,

Video Script Writing voiceover scripts

Making Hollywood talent the voice of Miller Lite

In Miller Lite’s “Triple Hops Brewed” awareness campaign online, wrote voiceover scripts and co-concepted animation look and feel for online narratives detailing the beer’s brewing process at the launch of the site.

Voiceovers were recorded by actor and former Baywatch cast member Billy Warlock. Animated pieces were used on and online ads.

Comedy Writing

Miller Lite Football "editorials"

Writing funny online content to keep subscribers coming back

Wrote a series of comedy editorials in the voice of a variety of Miller Lite Football “correspondents.”

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