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Since I started working independently in 2019, I've written website copy for companies in industries including healthcare, tech services, construction, consulting, and education.

Here are some companies that published the content I provided pretty much "as delivered."

Cyti Clinics

Physical Therapy Clinics. (2020)


Cyti Psychological

Psychology and Counseling Telemedicine. (2020)


KEK Business Solutions

Construction industry consultants. (2020)


Technology consulting and staffing. (2019)

Mant & Co.

Accounting firm in the UK. (2019)


Online life and estate planning. (2019)

Elite Attractions

Immersive special events. (2020)

Libra Event Management LLC

Event planning company in the UAE. (2019)



Messenger bot, AI-powered customer service solutions. (2019)


Human resources technology solutions. (2020)


Secure online collaboration solution. (2020)


Dynamic Dental Solutions

Dental billing services. (2019)


Cardinal Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance. (2020)


Derrich Phillips

Author & motivational speaker. (2020)

Ekono Partners

Electronics company in Slovakia. (2019)



Organic baby products. (2020)


Greyfell LLC

High-end remodeling contractor. (2019)


Kornfeld Law Firm

Estate planning & elder law attorneys. (2020)


Kron Design

Web design and services. (2019)

Nightingale Tuition Centres

Tutoring service provider in the UK. (2019)



Digital signage company. (2020)



Custom fashion phone cases. (2020)

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